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Hello Wanderer!

Welcome to website dedicated to my craftsmanship. I wish you can feel the breath of old stories, proudly recited around fireplaces, whispered in secrecy and even those dreamed with eyes wide open. Since my childhood i was strongly attracted to adventure, and my fantasies and stories had always strong visual character. Now, in my craft, i strive to put strong narrative charge into my work.

Things you can here could be divided to several groups - one of my biggest sources of inspiration is art of germanic peoples of Europe. Their ornamental styles were inspiration to biggest part of my work. Besides this, you can find fruits of less bound, own fantasy, but even i think, that both worlds are influencing each other.

If you feel strong urge to own one of my works, want to ask something, or just want to share your impression of my work, drop me an email.

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