Dragon folding knives with bronze handles and gem eyes

OAL is around 16 cm open

Two of the blades in this group are around 210 layers damascus steel by Owen Bush and the third one is wrought iron backed with carbon steel edge and engraved tendril ornament on both sides. All of them have gem eyes and either bronze or iron handmade washers. Stop rings are bronze.

Damascus ones are 390 USD plush shipping

Engraved one are 400 USD plush shipping

Dwarwen folding knife pricing and ordering guide

After the first batch of dwarven folders, seen here bellow on the picture,i decided i will make another run, this time with a dragon handle. On this picture, you can see the model for casting scales and a mock up paper blade to show the shape.Older,ancestor face folder is there to provide sense of finished item look, I will be offering some basic customisation regarding both handle and the blade.

Base version of this knife, with bronze scales,antler spacer, bronze stop ring and mono steel blade will cost 275 USD


One way to modify the handle would be to add gem eyes to the dragon. These will be set in silver bezel, surrounded by beaded wire. I will be offering garnets and green jade. This will add 40 USD to the price

The rivet on which the blade swivels can be peened over a washer, this could be either bronze or iron, and will add up 12 USD to the price. Washers will be handmade

Every knife comes with either riveted or tied or soldered stop ring.This is included in the base price.

If the washer or a stop ring are to be silver, there would be an extra charge based on weight of silver

Blade customisation

Blades will allow for more variability. Base style is forged monosteel blade, polished and etched to have some patina. That is included in base price. For 35 usd, the blade can be forgewelded from steel and wrought iron. This will be etched to reveal the character.

Additionally, the blade can be engraved as seen on picture opposite. Simple ornaments, runes or more complex stuff. Adding 20 to 65 USD to the price

Another option is to add some inlay, either in silver or copper or combination of the two, This would be highly individual, so please enquire about that, Its also possible to combine that with engraving. Picture shows folder with inlaid silver arrow with engraved fletching 


Last option i offer is to have a blade forged out of Owen Bush made damascus steel of 210 layers, This will produce bold and chaotic pattern that will be unique in every knife. This option will add 65 USD to the price.


How to order 

I will be asking for 100 USD deposit for the knife from which i will fund the casting of scales. This is the same amount for every customisation. It can be payed to my paypal address at petr.florianek@gmail.com

Details need to be specified in email or other direct form of communication.

Thanks for interest and happy time building your dragon

Pair of antler hair pins with carved ornamentation and gem eyes

OAL is 16 cm.

Red deer antler hair /or cloak/ pins.One has Odin face with blue gem set as an eye and a bronze tied ring, The other one is ringerike raven with garnet eye.

125 USD per piece plus shipping, please enquire by email